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Introduction and history

Updated: October 14 at 12:00am

In 2015, le 14th edition of Shakedown presented by Videotron Mobile will take place on the Avila side of Mont Saint-Sauveur (Piedmont, Québec) on April 4th. The 40 professional athletes invited from all over the world and promising amateurs will compete vigorously on the course (Big Air and Rail), for a total purse of $40,000.

This 14th edition is guaranteed to send adrenaline levels through the roof for athletes as well as the thousands of spectators expected on site. Spectator scan expect: a halftime show, partners village, booth, an autograph session with pros, afterparty, DJ, and much more. In other words, an incredible opportunity for thrill-seekers to discover snowboard culture and everything it has to offer.

This international snowboard event has seen incredible growth since 2002 thanks to you! Supported by athletes and the public alike, the Shakedown has first made its mark in North America through its original Canadian edition in 2002, only to introduce the US edition in 2010 and 2011, and a European edition (Germany) in 2011. The event’s unique competition format makes it a laid-back festive gathering that is appreciated by both the athletes who compete and the fans who soak it up.

For more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakedown_(Snowboard_Games)

We are proud to continue promoting snowboarding, its athletes, and lifestyle to the general public. Thank you for your loyalty!


Why are we using the Jason mask image from the movie Friday the 13th for this year’s event?
This movie, a classic in the horror film category, was created 25 years ago (in 1980) and will present a remake this year. Just like the popular movie, the Shakedown format will also be renewed in 2015 - for its 14th year. Its original version dating to 2002 will be revamped to a one-day formula of action-packed snowboarding on the Avila side of Mont Saint-Sauveur. But don’t worry, we will be keeping the roots of this great sporting event alive to ensure its continued success. Over the years, snowboarding has also become more mainstream and we find it important to keep a young and unconventional edge.

Why do we have to purchase a general admission ticket?
We have been contemplating this option for many years now, but with the current state of the economy in 2015 and our new formula, we decided it was now or never...
We want to THANK our partners Vidéotron Mobile, Mont Saint-Sauveur, Coors Light, Oakley, Empire, Vans, Burton, DC SHOES, Hennessy and others, who, like us, believe that Shakedown must continue to exist in order to inspire new generations of freestyle snowboarders and offer the largest showcase of professional riders on Canadian soil

We have worked very hard on this 14th edition and we had to make tough choices, including charging a general admission fee. It is important to remember that we are fortunate to have a world-class event with this level of professional snowboarding in our backyard. This is the largest snowboard competition (slopestyle) in the country and it is right here at home!

We will continue to present this great event and to offer amateurs a chance to jump into the big leagues as well as giving pros important cash prizes. When you think about it, for less than a movie ticket, you can attend a professional sporting event (just like hockey or tennis) with high performance athletes for a full day. If you take snowboarding to heart, we expect to see you there!

Why the move to the Avila?
The Avila side offers more space for the event and will minimize the impact of the 20-day construction and tear-down period for customers of Mont Saint-Sauveur.

Why is this year’s Shakedown presented only on Saturday?
Attendance on Friday has always been lower than on Saturday, and since we want the public to enjoy an intense experience, we have condensed all the segments into one day. This will also provide a better showcase for amateur athletes and the Coors Light Rail Jam segment, since they will all be in action on Saturday.

Do I get more for my money if I pay $5?
You have access to a professional snowboarding event with many of the world's best snowboard athletes, right before your eyes. All competition segments are condensed into one day and you have access to activities within Shakedown village, where many partners distribute free products.

Is the entrance fee included in the purchase cost of a ticket in the bleachers?
Yes, the access fee to the site is included in the price if you buy your ticket in the bleachers.

Is my access to the Shakedown site free if I have a seasons pass at MSSI?
No and here is an explanation to help you better understand. Mont Saint-Sauveur is the host resort and the Shakedown is renting the site for the event. It goes without saying that we work hand in hand with Mont Saint-Sauveur to organize the event, but both remain separate entities. The ideal is to enjoy the slopes during the day, which is why a special price for the purchase of a day ticket will be announced shortly.

If the finale is canceled or if it rains, do I get my money back?
In case of rain or cancellation of the finale, no refunds will be given. You must show your ticket printout and a valid ID at the Shakedown ticket booth on April 4, 2015. The ticket is transferrable, in which case the ticket printout, a valid ID and a copy of the credit card used to purchase the ticket must be shown. For more info, please visit the Refund Policy section of this website.

What about the Afterparties?
Although the event takes place on a single day, you can be sure that there will be parties on Friday night. Do not hesitate to rent a cottage with your buddies! Shakedown will also present it’s afterparty on Saturday night. All the details in the Afterparty section.

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