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Mont Saint-Sauveur Set in the heart of the Laurentians, Mont Saint-Sauveur has played a leading role in the Saint-Sauveur Valley’s economic development. With six ski resorts (on...

Website: mssi.ca
Facebook: facebook.com/montsaintsauveur

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57 Registered Amateur Riders Order by
Name Age Hometown Home Mt. Country
Adam Djunaedi 18     Canada
Alec Mcneill 21     Canada
alexis turcotte n/a     Canada
Allan Simard 17 Jonquière   Canada
Anthony Roy n/a     Canada
Brin Alexander n/a     Canada
Clement Pageau n/a     Canada
Cody Lee 24 Ogden   United States
Cody Shepherd 22 Whistler (BC)   Canada
Darcy Sharp 18 Comox Mt Washington Canada
David Arsenault-Belley 16     Canada
Dubé-Bouchard Hugo 19     Canada
Etienne Di Rinaldo 16     Canada
Francis Jobin 16 Lac-Beauport, QC   Canada
Francois-Hubert Leduc 17     Canada
Gabriel Gosselin 16     Canada
Hayden Edwards 16 Kitchener, ON Chicopee Canada
Hugo Dubé Bouchard n/a     Canada
Ismael Bouaziz 19     Canada
Jack Herald 18 Canton (MA)   United States
Jacob Poirier 19 Rimouski   Canada
Jacques-Olivier Emond 21 Saint-Sauveur, QC   Canada
Jeff Hopkins n/a     United States
Jeremy Langevin 16     Canada
Jimmy Houle 25     Canada
Jonathan Tremblay 23 Alma, QC   Canada
Justin De Castris 17 Montréal, QC   Canada
Justin Patenaude n/a     Canada
Keassy Patenaude 18 Piedmont, QC   Canada
Ken Ohquist 25 Cowansville (QC)   Canada
Louis Lavallée n/a     Canada
Mathieu Morin 20     Canada
Maxime Laurin 19 Sainte-Julie Saint-Bruno Canada
Michael Dickson Tanguay 20 La Prairie, QC   Canada
MIKEY RIZKALLA 22     Canada
Neil Clelland 16     Canada
Nicolas Soucy 21     Canada
nicolas cavezzali 17     Canada
Nicolas Fauteux 19     Canada
Nicolas Emond n/a Laval, QC   Canada
Nicolas Tremblay 22     Canada
olivier mercier 17     Canada
Patrick Lemieux 19     Canada
Philippe Couture 16     Canada
Philippe Fournier 22 Matane, QC   Canada
Pierre-Luc Desgagné 22 Québec, QC   Canada
Quinn Dubois 15     Canada
Remy Stern 20     Canada
Richard Bergeron 20 Saint-Bruno   Canada
Samuel Boulerice Champagne 20     Canada
Spencer Whiting 19     Canada
Stéphane Fortier 24 St-Isidore, QC   Canada
Tommy Belanger n/a Mirabel, QC   Canada
vincent lesiege 16     Canada
William Pettinati 18     Canada
william pettinati 18     Canada
William Boisjoli 18 Mirabel, QC   Canada