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57 Registered Amateur Riders Order by
Name Age Hometown Home Mt. Country
Adam Djunaedi 18     Canada
Alec Mcneill 21     Canada
alexis turcotte n/a     Canada
Allan Simard 17 Jonquière   Canada
Anthony Roy n/a     Canada
Brin Alexander n/a     Canada
Clement Pageau n/a     Canada
Cody Lee 24 Ogden   United States
Cody Shepherd 22 Whistler (BC)   Canada
Darcy Sharp 18 Comox Mt Washington Canada
Francis Jobin 16 Lac-Beauport, QC   Canada
Hayden Edwards 17 Kitchener, ON Chicopee Canada
Ismael Bouaziz 19     Canada
Jack Herald 18 Canton (MA)   United States
Jacob Poirier 19 Rimouski   Canada
Jacques-Olivier Emond 21 Saint-Sauveur, QC   Canada
Jeff Hopkins n/a     United States
Jeremy Langevin 16     Canada
Jimmy Houle 25     Canada
Jonathan Tremblay 23 Alma, QC   Canada
Justin De Castris 18 Montréal, QC   Canada
Justin Patenaude n/a     Canada
Keassy Patenaude 18 Piedmont, QC   Canada
Ken Ohquist 26 Cowansville (QC)   Canada
Louis Lavallée n/a     Canada
Mathieu Morin 20     Canada
Maxime Laurin 19 Sainte-Julie Saint-Bruno Canada
Michael Dickson Tanguay 20 La Prairie, QC   Canada
MIKEY RIZKALLA 22     Canada
Neil Clelland 16     Canada
Nicolas Soucy 21     Canada
Nicolas Fauteux 19     Canada
Nicolas Emond n/a Laval, QC   Canada
Nicolas Tremblay 22     Canada
olivier mercier 17     Canada
Patrick Lemieux 19     Canada
Philippe Couture 16     Canada
Philippe Fournier 22 Matane, QC   Canada
Pierre-Luc Desgagné 22 Québec, QC   Canada
Quinn Dubois 15     Canada
Remy Stern 20     Canada
Richard Bergeron 20 Saint-Bruno   Canada
Spencer Whiting 20     Canada
Stéphane Fortier 24 St-Isidore, QC   Canada
Tommy Belanger n/a Mirabel, QC   Canada
vincent lesiege 16     Canada
William Boisjoli 18 Mirabel, QC   Canada
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